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Invest in your future!

German for the Profession and Business

Anyone who communicates with clients, business partners or colleagues must be able to present him or herself in a competent and professional manner. In our German Courses for business and career, you will be prepared specifically for this purpose. You learn the language you will need in your professional life and will be able to cope with officials and functionaries. Appointments by request.
Intensive Courses

In these compact and dynamic intensive courses you can quickly and effectively give your German that necessary professional edge. Appointments by request.
Short & Quick Modules*
Communicate your image!

Good knowledge of the subject is by itself insufficient nowadays. Anyone who wants to be professionally successful has to be persuasive, express him or herself clearly, debate with focus or be able to find the right tone in difficult situations. In our quick, compact workshops you can practise the necessary communication skills in the German language for a professional presentation. Subjects include:
  • Persuasive Presentations
  • Effective Telephoning
  • Business Correspondence
  • Mastering Meetings and Negotiations
  • Small Talk

Using role-plays and case studies, the practical-oriented moderation immediately provides you with a great deal of valuable knowledge.  You acquire the necessary self-assurance that very often makes the difference between success and failure. The Workshop Modules can be booked in combination.
Appointments by request.

*Previous knowledge of German is required for this course.

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 German for the Profession!
In our German Courses for business and career, you learn the language that you need for your business and profession.
 You Decide!
Gruppenkurs oder Einzelunterricht - Sie entscheiden!
As a group or individually - you decide! All our classes are available for a group or a solo participant.