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Private Lesson

It does not get any more individualised!

Private lessons are the best and most effective way to learn a foreign language rapidly. Lesson materials and concepts are selected based on your goals, skills and wishes. The exact subjects that are important to you are learnt at your own pace.

Private lessons can begin at any time. Where and when the class takes place - at your place or in our institute - how long and how often, this is your choice.

You can also book separate hours or days - for example to prepare for that important examination, that decisive interview or that special presentation. Prices available upon request.
Private Mini-Groups! Bring a Friend!

Bring a friend, acquaintance or colleague with you. We will put together an individualised programme based totally on your needs and wishes. You choose the time, place and duration. The second and every additional participant pays 25% of the price.* 

* 25% of the normal price for a private lesson. Offer is valid only for private mini-groups, not for regular group courses.

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 All attention on you!
In private lessons the trainer is solely focused on you. The course content is totally based on your goals and needs.
 Bring a friend!
Bring a friend!
You can begin at any time with your own private group. We will be glad to inform you.