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Business Courses

Anyone who attends a language course today
is one step ahead tomorrow!

It is called for in every classified ad. It is heard in many companies every day. In the age of globalisation, knowledge of foreign languages is essential for commercial and professional success. In most cases, school standards are insufficient for professional purposes.

We have developed various courses and modules that are focused on the exact needs of the modern business world and labour market. In these courses, you can expand your language skills in a concentrated and efficient manner.
So, when will you start?

You can choose amongst:
  • Business Language Courses, e.g. Business English, Business Spanish, Business French, etc. These courses are designed to improve general language skills in typical business and professional situations and to build a diverse business vocabulary.

  • Short & Quick Modules: Short, compact courses that rapidly improve individual communication skills in a foreign language, e.g. conducting telephone conversations, presentations, meetings and negotiations, persuasive and professional business correspondence, etc. Realistic situations are simulated, so you can best prepare for applied practice.

  • Expansion Training: These courses are tailored to the needs of specific professional fields, e.g. Banking & Finance, Hotels, the Automotive Industry, Transportation, Accountancy, etc. They are focused on the language skills and vocabulary that are relevant to a particular profession.
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 The decisive kick-start for your career!
Der entscheidende Kick für Ihre Karriere
You want to move up - we will help. With a course from our programme "Language for the profession" you can prepare for your successful professional future.
 Advancement through Education!
Vorsprung durch Weiterbildung
United Languages is the right partner when it comes to professional further education in the foreign language field. You can reach your goals with us.