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TPR – Active Foreign Language Class!

Total Physical Response (TPR) is a teaching method utilising movement and all five senses. The children act or play based on what the teacher is talking about. Through active games, role-playing or "action songs" such as "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands," children experience and comprehend foreign languages completely and intensively. Through the utilisation of all the senses, a much deeper and longer-lasting understanding of the language is awoken compared to merely listening to or reading the language. Therefore, the method is very effective.
Motivation and Comprehension through Action!

Total Physical Response is an empirically well-established scientific concept. It is based on the example of how children learn their mother tongue. The children have fun and are motivated while they quickly see results.

The children immediately experience that they can understand and use the language. This is a great motivation for them.
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 An advantage for life!
An advantage for life!
All course instructors are native speakers. This is especially important with young children in order to achieve the optimal results.
 Learning by playing!
Kids Programme
Early language education with United Languages is the perfect way for your child to learn English, French and/or Spanish at a high level following a proven method.