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Say it in Italian!

You are guaranteed to find the right course for your goals in our extensive Italian programme.

In our general Italian language courses, participants, from beginner to advanced speaker, acquire additional knowledge through a systematic and logical  method. Step by step, students build a broad vocabulary and confidence in their grammatical skills. They learn to deal with all sorts of every day situations of modern life- at home, on trips or during studies.[Link to dates and prices here]
Conversation Course

Conversation Course: You will discuss current affairs in small groups with an experienced native teacher. You rapidly gain more confidence in your speaking ability. Your vocabulary will be systematically expanded. Appointment by request.
Survival Skills for the Traveller -
The Quick Italian Course for Holiday!

In this course, students practise the language that travellers truly need. Furthermore, participants learn quickly and easily how to order food, ask for directions, book a hotel room, rent a car, etc. Appointment by request.
Italian Grammar Crash Course

In this course, you can develop your Italian grammatical skills in an intensive and logical way. The focus is based on the current abilities of the participants. Appointment by request.
Italian for the Profession

Our Italian courses for the profession are based on the many demands of the modern labour market and business culture. You gain practical, up-to-date skills. We offer flexible modules for every need. You can book them individually or if you prefer, in combination – just what you need.
Appointment by request
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Gruppenkurs oder Einzelunterricht - Sie entscheiden!
As a group or individually - you decide! All our classes are available for a group or a solo participant.