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Your child's future starts today!

Our children are growing up in a world that is constantly getting closer and closer together. They will have to deal, much more than us, with the challenge of the globalisation of the labour and education markets.
Understandably, in many cases nowadays, knowledge of English and other foreign languages is a requirement. The European Union promotes the goal that by 2006 every EU citizen will master two foreign languages alongside their native language.
Children must be prepared!

Other European countries are far ahead of us. The results of the PISA Study clearly show the German school system is lagging behind. There is a broad consensus that the learning of foreign languages has to begin as early as possible. However, applying this principle has so far been postponed. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to encourage their children.

Smarter through language!

The conditions for learning languages at an early age are ideal, since children at this age still have the optimal path towards their natural talent for developing their native language.

Up to the age of ten, children can still learn foreign languages parallel to and in the same way as their native language. By early foreign language training, the second language will be stored in the same region of the brain as the native language. Through this, children can effortlessly learn a second or even a third language. In later years, a new network must be first lay down for the brain to learn the foreign language.

Learning foreign languages encourages the awareness of children for language and the total development of the young brain. It expands their horizons and their cultural understanding. Learning foreign languages is therefore, a good and effective way to support children at an early age.
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 Give your child the chance!
Geben Sie Ihrem Kind die Chance!
If you arrange a group with a minimum of 6 children (in our institute) or 8 children (in your kindergarten), your child participates for free during the first 6 months.
 An advantage for life!
Ein Vorsprung fürs Leben!
All course instructors are native speakers. This is especially important with young children in order to achieve the optimal results.
 For children starting at 3 years!
Für Kinder ab 2½ Jahren!
The earlier your child starts, the easier the language is and the better the result. We recommend starting with courses at least before the age of 10.