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Our English is fun concept©!

"For the children, the best is just good enough."
Wolfgang Goethe

"Humanity owes a child the best that it has to give."
UN declaration on the protection of children

Scientific studies state: 
- the younger a child is and
- the more intensive the contact with a language is, the easier and the better a child learns the language. That is why three-year-olds are already learning successfully with us.

The teaching concept at United Languages® Sprachinstitut is based on comprehensive child and youth learning with all the senses following the internationally successful principles of Immersion and Total Physical Response (TPR).

We use original English material, that children happily work with. They become acquainted with and truly understand the language and culture of the other land. The classes are conducted without pressure and with a lot of positive reinforcement - which motivates and encourages the children, helps them to have a positive learning experience and promotes their self-confidence.
Native speakers are the better teachers!

Without exception, all course trainers are native speakers. This is especially important with early starters since the children mainly learn through listening and repeating and therefore, require an exemplary model. In other cases, mistakes easily slip through and later become difficult to correct. The opportunity for children to learn to speak a language without accent is then past. Only a native speaker has perfect control of the so-called prosody of a language, the rhythm and intonation of speech. Of course, this is an extremely important aspect when learning a language.

All course trainers have experience dealing with children and have fun with them. They open a door to an exciting new world for the children with their every day habits, stories, songs, celebrations and other fascinating things - just as they themselves experienced as children.
A unique experience that will accompany your child through his or her entire life!
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 Give your child the chance!
Geben Sie Ihrem Kind die Chance!
If you arrange a group with a minimum of 6 children (in our institute) or 8 children (in your kindergarten), your child participates for free during the first 6 months.
 An advantage for life!
Ein Vorsprung fürs Leben!
All course instructors are native speakers. This is especially important with young children in order to achieve the optimal results.
 For children starting at 2½ years!
Für Kinder ab 2½ Jahren!
The earlier your child starts, the easier the language is and the better the result. We recommend starting with courses at least before the age of 10.