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Effective and certain towards the goal - with the United Languages Method!

We want to help you to communicate as quickly as possible in the foreign language and we want to make it as easy as we can!

Our methods are modern, very effective and proven in practice. The media and technology used in our courses are based on the latest research.
Interactive, diverse and practically oriented!

We follow a target language related approach, meaning the lesson is conducted, as much as possible, in the foreign language.

You do not sit in front of a computer with us, but practise the language, discuss, role play and conduct case studies, which show you how best to present yourself in everyday or business situations. It is our experience that this practice is the only thing that truly brings improvement! Everything else, the preparation and review of the lessons, you can do best comfortably at home with whatever media you prefer - computer, book, cassette, etc.

We give you the opportunity to speak a lot from the very beginning which is, based on our experience, the quickest and most effective way to learn a language

Through constant listening and speaking, you learn to think in the language instead of translating to and from your mother tongue. You develop a feel for the language. The learning of grammar and vocabulary is significantly easier. And, you will be prepared for the actual use of the language.

We conduct the lessons in an active and lively manner. The goal is always the practical application of what is learnt.

We gladly and intensively pay attention to every individual participant. During a lesson, we focus on individual interests, goals and learning skills. So, that way, we can guarantee the best possible result to every one of our course participants.
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 Individualised consultation!
Die United Languages Methode!
Before starting a course, we will be happy to answer any questions, analyse your personal goals together and advise you on how to best achieve success.
 Free placement test!
Abwechslungsreich und praxisorientiert!
Our placement test will help you to judge your abilities correctly.
 Individualised course concept!
Sie stehen bei uns im Mittelpunkt!
Before a course starts, we develop an individualised concept for each one.