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Senior Courses

It is never too late to learn a foreign language!

The number of seniors who take part in language courses is constantly increasing. There are many reasons why seniors are motivated to learn languages. Some want additional qualifications to remain employable in their professions. Others want to do something to remain mentally active. For most, it is fun to learn a language with like-minded people.
One never stops learning!

Seniors can learn a language just as well as younger people. You do not need any previous knowledge for a beginner's course. The only things you should bring are a good mood and curiosity for the language. We want you to have fun actively participating in the class.

In our small groups, you will quickly manage to set aside any inhibitions and speak with confidence in the new language. Without any stress or pressure to perform, you will rapidly make advances and feel more secure in the foreign language. The course has a practical orientation. The individual learning tasks are easy to understand.

Talk it up!

In our senior courses, you can learn EnglishSpanish and French, as well as other languages upon request logically and systematically.

Current dates and prices are available here and upon request.
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