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We will get you to your goal!

An important factor in the success of our language training is our team of teachers. We put a great value on our trainers and place high demands upon them so you can receive the best quality and service.
Native speakers are the best trainers!

Our trainers are all qualified and experienced native speakers who are exemplary in their mother tongues. They present the language so authentically - like it is spoken in their native country - and bring the lifestyle and culture of their land closer to you.

Our trainers are motivated, sympathetic and enjoy their task. In a relaxed, communicative way, they quickly establish bonds amongst the course participants and ensure that you feel comfortable. Whenever possible, they address individual desires, needs or difficulties.

Our international team of trainers looks forward to meeting you!
Deutsch English  
 Our team looks forward to meeting you!
Unser int. Trainerteam freut sich auf Sie!
Over 25 trainers from more than 15 countries belong to our teaching team.
 Native speakers are the best teachers!
Muttersprachler sind die besseren Lehrer!
Our teachers are qualified and experienced native speakers. These four teach French, Italian and English.